Welcome to North West Bikers!

Motor Cycle Brand / Community based in the North West of England.

Welcome to Northwest bikers , your number one source for all things motorbike related. We're dedicated to providing you the very best of high quality merchandise, both embroidery and screen printed to suit both pockets and personal preferences.

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Placed an order for a hoodie and some stickers from North West Bikers and i have to say the quality is amazing, i could wear it all day and night!

Matt Brookfield

Great stickers, nice and eye catching and will get you noticed as part of the group. Great quality hoodie too proudly displaying the logo!

Steve Drewry

I bought two T-Shirts, a hoodie and 5 stickers. This group excites me and its great to feel involved from Germany!

Bernd P, Germany.

I bought a hoodie and OMG.. i was so happy with the quality and workmanship that has went into the logo and the embroidery. I have ordered the pink embroidery for my wife. i love this club and i am proud to be a member. 

Karl Cartwright

The hoodie I got from Northwest Bikers was amazing! Superb quality and even happier that the strings for the hood are sawn and not plastic and metal (plastic and metal ends tap on your helmet as your ride- we all know this pain hahaha) it’s embroided and decent thickness- 100% worth the money and my new favourite hoodie 😁

The decals I got were again, amazing quality and stay stuck in properly with no lifting or peeling when the bikes had a good wash and scrub!

Jayde Kawasaki_gremlin